Portable Shower Stall – Convenient Bath All the Time

A portable shower stall is easy to use, simple and low cost, maintenance free and highly effective which you can place anywhere in your house.

You no longer need to remodel your bathroom or your plumbing system just to have a shower stall. It doesn’t need to be fastened to your floor or walls. It can be installed easily by using wrenches and a screwdriver, without any professional help. There is also no need for a building permit for this one.

Advantages of portable shower stall

1. Practical – Instead of paying thousands of dollars for plumbing services, you can install your portable shower on your own. No need for bathroom remodeling or remodeling your plumbing system.

2. Easy to move – When transferring to another place, you can easily bring your portable shower with you. It is worth investing as it lasts a long time and you are free to place it anywhere in your house, where it is most convenient.


3. Privacy – If a member of the family is sick and requires a bath but is restrained from moving too much, a portable shower stall is a very good idea. The patient’s privacy and self-esteem are well in place and the patient can easily be transferred from the shower to the bed. Clean up time is much more bearable for the patient as there is less muscle strain and less movement required.

4. Complements easily with the room décor – With the right choice of shower curtains, your portable shower can easily blend in with your room furnishings. You can place it in your room, in your office space, your work-out area or anywhere in the house that needs its presence.

This shower stall has a hot/cold faucet and a long hose. The hose has an attached shower head which has an ON and OFF valve. This shower can be held by hand or put on a holder with vertical and angular adjustments. Depending on the model that you choose, some come with a dressing room, which is wider and provides more space.

There are various ways of letting water to the shower stall. A hardware kit for each method is supplied for you to connect the water source to your shower stall. The shower stall has a drain pump that automatically brings your waste water to the commode, sink or floor drain.

A portable shower stall gives you a handy bath anytime with the convenience and privacy that you deserve.

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